24 Jan 2014

Fiji's Electoral Commission chairman confident of meeting election deadline

9:35 am on 24 January 2014

The chairman of Fiji's Electoral Commission says he is confident the commission will be able to complete its work in time for elections promised for September.

The government recently announced a seven member commission, headed by former president of the Fiji Law Society Chen Bunn Young, to oversee the elections.

Mr Young says the commission has a lot of work to do, including appointing an election supervisor, but it can be done.

"All things being equal, I think we can meet that deadline but it will be with a lot of commitment on everybody's part - the commissioners, those who will be employed in the electoral office, it is not a small task."

Chen Bunn Young says he has no doubt the commission will be independent of the government and there will be no political interference.

The last Fiji election was held in May 2006, seven months before the military seized power.