24 Jan 2014

American Samoa's AG reassures illegal immigrants

4:51 pm on 24 January 2014

American Samoa's acting Attorney General is urging illegal immigrants to stop living in fear and take advantage of the Government's amnesty programme.

Under the scheme, the administration will be seeking Fono approval to expand the quota limits for foreign nationals.

Only those who entered American Samoa before June 30th, 2013 are eligible.

Talauega Eleasalo Ale says it is an opportunity for undocumented residents to become legal citizens and fully participate in the community.

"We are aware of many undocumented residents of the territory who, you know, live in fear about not knowing what their status is and this is an opportunity for them to come before the Government and we have a process in place for them to become legalised."

Talauega Eleasalo Ale says registration will start on February the 18th and ends on March the 14th.