25 Jan 2014

Nauru justifies deportation of lone magistrate

5:53 am on 25 January 2014

The President of Nauru has rejected claims that the country has abused the rule of law and that recent decisions to replace its magistrate and chief justice were politically motivated.

Baron Waqa says Nauru has the same right as Australia and other nations to decide who holds key positions and who is allowed to work in the country.

He says recent deportation orders were part of the government's commitment to restore accountability, transparency and the proper management of Nauru's legal system.

The president says there have been clear conflicts of interest and disregard for the laws of Nauru.

Mr Waqa says criticism of Nauru is an attack on its sovereignty.

Nauru deported its only magistrate last weekend without engaging in a process to test its allegations of misconduct.

The magistrate, Peter Law, has denied any wrongdoing.