27 Jan 2014

Nauru Law Society condemns magistrate's deportation

7:38 am on 27 January 2014

The Nauru Law Society says the actions of the government in disregarding a court injunction on Sunday a week ago, were shameful and have brought the country's legal system into disrepute.

The government controversially ordered the deportation of the resident magistrate, Australian national Peter Law, then directed its police to ignore an injunction issued by the country's chief justice.

The Law Society President, Vinci Clodumar, says this action by the government was illegal.

And he says the Society had no concerns with Mr Law, who it regards as diligent and competent.

"I think he has done a very good job in terms of cleaning up all the backlogs of criminal cases, putting in place training and generally assisting all the parties in the process of hearings and how they could present the cases. To us he has been an excellent magistrate."

Nauru's Law Society President, Vinci Clodumar.