28 Jan 2014

Floating health care service to travel to Ha'apai's outer islands

11:17 am on 28 January 2014

A floating health care service set up by American philanthropists will travel to the remote islands of Tonga's Ha'apai group to deliver medical supplies following Tropical Cyclone Ian.

A founder of Sea Mercy, Richard Hackett, says it has received funding from the Scenic Hotel Group and supplies from the Fiji government.

Mr Hackett says the main islands of Ha'apai have healthcare infrastructure in place, but some outer islands do not and some people are in need.

He says its catamarans carrying supplies, doctors and Health Ministry representatives will leave from Fiji on Thursday.

"When we're there, we'll be delivering primarily the local health care officials to take with us. We will be bringing the medical supplies to treat the needs that they have out there. We will also be carrying food and water and shelter."

The founder of the floating health care service, Sea Mercy, Richard Hackett.