29 Jan 2014

Nauru hikes business visas to raise funds from expatriate community

10:18 am on 29 January 2014

Nauru has dramatically hiked the cost of visas for business-people wanting to travel to the country.

The cost of a business visa for Nauru has risen from AU$400 to $6000, (from US$450 to US$5200) to capture revenue from the significant expatriate business community in the country.

However the MP for Boe, Mathew Batsiua, says the move needs to be properly implemented and gazetted before being put into action.

He says some business people have already started to pay the higher figure.

"This fee hasn't been properly introduced so in a sense it's unlawful. The government has begun to collect it. And so I think the government's got a lot to answer in that regard to make sure the fees they collect are supported by law and they can't just ignore due process."

Mathew Batsiua says the significant Chinese business community will feel the impact and some may be encouraged to leave.