30 Jan 2014

Deported former media advisor decries Nauru as one-man dictatorship

3:41 pm on 30 January 2014

A former media adviser to the Nauru government who was deported on Wednesday says the justice minister has become a dictator thanks to the new immigration law.

The law was passed in parliament on Tuesday night, and Rod Henshaw was deported to Brisbane the next morning.

Last week, the government deported the resident magistrate Peter Law and revoked the visa of the chief justice Geoffrey Eames when he granted Mr Law an injunction, which authorities ignored.

Mr Henshaw says the justice minister, David Adeang, has a personal vendetta and now has the power to deport anyone he dislikes.

"The law that went through on Tuesday night created a dictatorship and it just created an authoritarian government with one man leading it and that's not even the President. It's the minister for justice. One day he'll be brought to account."

Rod Henshaw.