31 Jan 2014

Niue no-confidence vote due today

5:24 am on 31 January 2014

A vote is expected today on a motion of no confidence in the Niue government.

Niue opposition MPs entered a motion of no confidence more than a week ago because of concerns over various policies the government has introduced.

But government members yesterday walked out of a parliament meeting when debate over the motion was meant to take place.

The MP, Terry Coe, says the government knows it has the numbers and wanted to go straight to the vote but the speaker ruled a debate must take place first.

"It says in the constitution and the standing orders that the debate is to take place and they know that, and to me if I was the government I would go for it because it's a good chance to stick up for the government of the day."

Terry Coe says according to timeframes set out in the constitution the vote must take place today.