31 Jan 2014

Several American Samoa Treasury staff opt for early retiremen

12:12 pm on 31 January 2014

In American Samoa, several senior employees of Treasury will be leaving the workforce over the next few months after being offered an early retirement incentive package.

Employees have told KHJ News they are being offered $10,000 US to retire now and make room for new employees to move in.

The employees who are taking up the offer have worked for Treasury for more than 20 years and are in their late 50's or early 60's and ome are division heads.

According to information received by KHJ News, directors have been told that if they have money in their budgets to cover the early retirement incentive package they can go ahead and offer it.

When asked about the plan, Treasurer Falema'o Dr Phil Pili said he cannot comment on this until the governor makes an official announcement.

During the Togiola Faoa administration there were two attempts to approve a bill for an early retirement incentive package but the Fono rejected the proposal.