31 Jan 2014

Improved systems and easing of rain limits damage in Nadi Fiji

3:01 pm on 31 January 2014

The Nadi Town Council says improved drainage and systems meant the centre of the Fiji town was spared from the heavy damage sustained in recent years.

The Special Administrator, Robin Ali, says most people have returned home from evacuation centres set up in the outer-lying areas of Nadi.

He says schools remain closed today, but should re-open next week.

Mr Ali said police and military had to enforce the 6pm curfew as shopkeepers remained in town to secure their stock.

He says it was the first time the flood waters did not affect the Queens Road between the town and the airport after a king tide.

"The additional three dams have been created to slow down the flow of the water and it was only at the end of yesterday, towards the end, when there was a very, I mean a king tide, it just touched on certain areas otherwise Nadi town was all clear."

The Nadi Town Council Special Administrator, Robin Ali.