31 Jan 2014

Niue government wins no-confidence vote

4:27 pm on 31 January 2014

The Niue government has survived a vote of no-confidence as expected.

Opposition MPs entered a motion of no confidence more than a week ago because of concerns over various government policies.

There were delays because government members wanted to go straight to the vote and yesterday they walked out of a meeting when the speaker ruled a debate must take place first.

But a debate did go ahead today before the motion was defeated by 12 votes to seven.

The opposition MP Terry Coe says it was worthwhile forcing the government to defend its performance but says they didn't make a good job of it.

"They virtually just criticised us for telling you know the bad things about the government rather than emphasising on all the good points they are doing or proposing to do. So, yes it was rather disappointing in that effect."

The opposition MP Terry Coe.