3 Feb 2014

Tonga govt positive on moves to promote Women in Agriculture

7:55 am on 3 February 2014

A new project which looks to foster greater participation of Tongan women in agriculture has received a positive response from government-level stakeholders.

The Women in Agriculture Media project is targetting better two way communication between women in Tongan agriculture and official information providers, as well as taking up opportunities in New Zealand markets.

Anthony Haas of the New Zealand-based Centre for Citizenship Education says Tonga can gain much in its income, employment and trade goals through empowering women to contribute in more aspects of agriculture.

He consulted on the project with a wide range of Tongan officials.

I came away from this new set of conversations, amazed at the level of enthusiasm for a better arrangement with New Zealand, better involvement of women, better productivity in the agriculture sector. Tonga is positive on this and it is not all the sinner as some New Zealanders think it is on the question of running an agriculture sector well.

Anthony Haas.