4 Feb 2014

Reward increased in Vanuatu shooting case

4:27 pm on 4 February 2014

An Australian businessman who was shot at in Vanuatu last year has increased a reward he is offering for information that may lead to the person behind the attack.

John Fordham was shot by a masked intruder at in his house in Luganville in December.

The bullet missed him, but went through the wall and almost hit his daughter.

There are suggestions that the attack was an assassination attempt by someone who paid the intruder to carry out the shooting.

Last month, police arrested five people allegedly involved in the attack.

Mr Fordham is yet to pay out his initial reward offer of 20,000 US dollars, saying he is waiting for a conviction in the case.

But he has now offered more money to find the person who he believes orchestrated the attack.