5 Feb 2014

No odour expected from new American Samoa cannery

2:43 pm on 5 February 2014

The new Samoa Tuna Processors plant at Atu'u in American Samoa will be equipped with filters that should get rid of the fish odour that is synonymous with canneries.

A biofilter is to be installed in the reclaimed area where a dock extension is being built as part of the new development by Tri Marine International.

Its new cannery should be up an running at the beginning of next year.

Tri Marine's chief operating officer, Joe Hamby, says the local plant may be one of the first in the world to have this bio filter.

"All of the fumes from the fish meal plant are going to be going through pipes under the ground in that new area that's been reclaimed, to the biofilter. The fumes will then filter through coconut husks, removing all the odour and then go to the atmosphere from there. So you will not have any smell - there will be no smell from this fish meal plant."