6 Feb 2014

Vanuatu minister promises action against illegal passport holders

7:37 pm on 6 February 2014

A Vanuatu MP says ministers have received an independent report into the illegal sale of passports, which includes a list of people who have acquired them incorrectly.

The inquiry was chaired by lawyer Daniel Yawa and vice-chaired by the Turaga chief and former health minister, Hilda Lini.

The lands minister, Ralph Regenvanu, says the council of ministers has yet to decide on the fate of the people who have obtained citizenship outside due process.

An opposition MP, Willie Jimmy, says ministers won't act on the report as there are many non-citizens working for them.

He says Gilles Daniel, the French national and adviser to the Prime Minister Moana Carcasses, is not a citizen, but Mr Regenvanu disagrees and says action will be taken.

"There's a list of those people, there's a list of other people who have been given diplomatic passports who should not have been because that is illegal, to obtain diplomatic passports. And so the government will now, having only received the report last week, will consider what it is going to do and what measures it's going to take."

Ralph Regenvanu.