10 Feb 2014

Solomons corruption watchdog queries scholarship cuts

8:15 pm on 10 February 2014

Transparency Solomon Islands says the government appears to have slashed the number of university scholarships available to students.

The anti-corruption group says it understands only 99 students have been awarded scholarships this year, compared to at least 180 last year.

Its chairperson, Ruth Liloqula, says the group has asked the government to explain the cuts but has not received any response.

Ms Liloqula says the government needs to invest more in education if the country is to prosper.

"These scholarships are important because the development of this country is dependent on having an educated population. As far as we are concerned it needs to make sure we are putting our money where we should in order to make sure that the country has got the best people to lead its development."

Ruth Liloqula says she also fears the scholarship process has been corrupted and she is calling for more transparency.