11 Feb 2014

Bougainville set to pass public service law next month

4:17 pm on 11 February 2014

The chief administrator of the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville says he wants to start making changes to the bureaucracy as soon as enabling legislation is passed.

Chris Siriosi says the ABG Public Service Management and Administration bill is set to be enacted next month.

It will mean the bureaucracy will report to the government in Buka rather than Port Moresby and Mr Siriosi says it will allow the provincial government to set up offices as it sees fit.

He says it is the key element in moving forward with Bougainville's autonomy arrangements.

"On the day the law is passed I will issue instructions to public servants in Bougainville to decide whether they wish to remain with the national public service or if they wish to become members of the new Bougainville public service. That will signal a cut off date when Bougainville will roll out its own salaries from within Bougainville. We have already set up the payroll system here."

Chris Siriosi