12 Feb 2014

Visas for New Caledonia still needed - Vanuatu's Ambassador to France

8:28 am on 12 February 2014

Vanuatu's Ambassador to the European Union says all Vanuatu passport holders will still need to apply for a French visa to travel to New Caledonia, even after the visa requirement to enter the EU is lifted at the end of this April.

Roy Mickey Joy says a special committee in Paris says people from Vanuatu cannot be allowed to travel to New Caledonia without a French visa to seek employment opportunities without established procedures.

Mr Joy, also Vanuatu's ambassador to France, says it's clear French authorities are not keen on an influx of people looking for work in New Caledonia from Vanuatu.

Vanuatu's Consul General to New Caledonia, Raymond Manuake, says there are approximately 4, 000, Vanuatu passport holders living there, and their names have been registered by his office.