12 Feb 2014

Solomon Islands launches electronic civil registration system

3:36 pm on 12 February 2014

The United Nations child protection agency, Unicef, says Solomon Islands move to an electronic civil registration system is a significant step forward for the country.

The new system was officially launched in Honiara last week and provides a more secure way to store records, including births, deaths and name changes.

Unicef's Chief of Child Protection, Amanda Bissex, says Solomon Islands is estimated to have the lowest rate of birth registration in the Pacific.

Ms Bissex says the new system will be far superior to the old paper-based registration and will help the country deliver better services.

"It's really significant for their development that they have this system. It will lead to security of data, better access to data and information and that is all the better for both the individual child, their family and the government for planning."

Amanda Bissex says every child has the right to have their identity registered and recognised by the government.