14 Feb 2014

American Samoa fishing focus on tuna

5:10 pm on 14 February 2014

Tri Marine International is to educate the local fishing industry in American Samoa on how to provide high quality tuna for the company's Samoa Tuna Processing facility.

The fresh and frozen facility project is due to open in Pago Pago next month.

It will buy fresh fish from local fishing boats, which will see that better quality fish is bought, like sashimi.

The fish is then packed and shipped to off-island markets.

Tri Marine's chief operations officer, Joe Hamby, says local boat owners play a key role in the new operations, and he says a new senior manager will help oversee these operations.

"He's here to help the local boat owners understand handling requirements, to give them some technical advice, so that they will be able to bring, find, catch and bring to us this really good quality fish."

Tri Marine's chief operations officer, Joe Hamby.