17 Feb 2014

Police staff at centre of rape complaint in PNG not sanctioned

7:41 am on 17 February 2014

The assistant commissioner of police in Papua New Guinea says a team of police, subject to an investigation into an alleged rape, needs to be dismantled.

An 18-year old girl claimed she was raped by a group of officers from Wewak police station during a raid on her village in early December.

Last week the police station commander was charged with assault against three people who tried to lay a complaint on behalf of the alleged rape-victim.

The assistant police commissioner Donald Yamasombi says investigations into the rape claim are continuing and says a number of staff working in Wewak were defying a directive issued by the police commissioner in 2012.

He says auxillery staff were not meant to be on active duty.

"It was only in this province that these units were still working, that's the reason why we are here and the first thing to do is to ensure that this police team is disbanded and then the normal course of justice will take its course."

Donald Yamasombi says auxillery staff typically get about a weeks classroom training.