17 Feb 2014

Vanuatu public prosecutor resigns over commission of inquiry plan

7:38 pm on 17 February 2014

The Vanuatu public prosecutor, Kayleen Tavoa says she is still waiting for the answer to her resignation letter send to the Judicial Service Commission and the president of Vanuatu more than two months ago.

She says she has resigned because the government wants to set up a commission of inquiry into some cases that involve the public prosecution office.

"There was to be set up something like a commission of inquiry for me to answer several questions and the whole office to be opened up to the questions. I felt that the independence of the office was important and I should not open it up to public scrutiny."

Kayleen Tavoa says during her eight years as public prosecutor, she has faced political pressure and an annual budget that did not allow her to carry out her role and responsibilities.

She says in the past, foreign public prosecutors in Vanuatu were given a larger budget.

The Vanuatu government has indicated it is planning to hire a new public prosecutor from overseas.