19 Feb 2014

Fiji police urged to come down hard on child sex traffickers

4:50 pm on 19 February 2014

The Fiji Women's Crisis Centre is urging the police to come down hard on those involved in the trafficking of young boys and girls for sex.

The Fiji police told local media it has uncovered the domestic human trafficking following a two year investigation.

The centre's executive director, Shamima Ali, says she knows of boys and girls as young as 9 being prostituted out of their homes or on the street by family members or pimps.

She says there needs to be a mindset shift, more education, more resources for police and policy changes for the problem to be combatted.

"They need to do a lot more. The police force is quite under-resourced. So those resources need to be poured in, they need to be specially trained to be able to detect, be able to investigate. You know, this case here itself took nearly two years for them to actually uncover all the facts."

Shamima Ali says her centre has the resources to help those children being exploited, and is imploring victims to seek help.