27 Feb 2014

Call in the Solomons capital to clean up its polluted harbour

7:02 pm on 27 February 2014

A city councillor in Honiara in Solomon Islands says the pollution in Point Cruz Harbour is too big an issue for the council to deal with and he's calling for wider government and international assistance to fund a clean up.

Jonathan Zama says pollution in the harbour is contaminating fish and causing health problems for local people with some being admitted to hospital.

He says rubbish, untreated sewage and oil from World War Two shipwrecks litter the harbour.

"Actually it's unbelievable. It's really polluted down in the Honiara international sea port. Lots of rubbish's laying around the jettys and wharves. The quality of the water is totally rubbish. It's like milo; brown. Not used to be before, it was crystal clear. Now it's totally rubbish, it's brown and you just can't see anything in the water."

Jonathan Zama says to make things worse there are boats rotting on the beach right in front of the fish market.