3 Mar 2014

Call for new Pacific Plan to recognise role of sport in development

8:22 pm on 3 March 2014

An Australian based non government organisation says sport has a significant role in development and this needs to be reflected in the new Pacific Plan.

In May Pacific leaders will meet in a special summit in the Cook Islands to consider plans to revamp the Plan, the region's strategy for integration.

The Plan has been in force for nearly ten years but can point to few achievements and in 2012 leaders asked for a re-think.

Among those contributing is Sport Matters, which focuses on using sport for development.

The NGO's chief executive, Jackie Lauff, says the previous Plan had some sports indicators in it but they want the new document to go much further.

"What we would like to see is some specific targets that embrace the power of sport to make a difference in areas outside of participation."

Jackie Lauff of the NGO Sport Matters