7 Mar 2014

American Samoa taxi drivers caught overcharging tourists

12:01 pm on 7 March 2014

Complaints about taxi drivers in American Samoa overcharging cruise ship visitors has prompted police to be stationed at the port when cruise ships arrive from now on.

Samoa News quotes the Department of Public Safety program coordinator, Fred Scanlan, as saying that police officers will speak to tourists inquiring about their plans and where they intend to travel while on island.

Mr Scanlan says some tourists report that instead of paying one straight fare, as is the norm and in accordance with the law, they were charged "per person" when more than one person is taking an island tour by a taxi driver.

The officers will also be at the port waiting for taxis to pull in, where they will ask the tourists where they went and how much they were charged, to determine whether or not they were cheated.

Last month there were six cruise ships which visited the territory, and four for this month.

For this year, 18 cruise ships have been confirmed for American Samoa.