7 Mar 2014

Hundreds of foreigners register in American Samoa amnesty

2:49 pm on 7 March 2014

More than 17 hundred foreigners have registered for the American Samoa immigration amnesty programme to make their immigration status legal.

A four week registration of all foreigners whose immigration papers are not in order is in its third week.

After the registration, the Fono will be asked to increase the quotas for each ethnic group allowed under the immigration law to reside in the territory.

Administration officials estimated there were 3,000 illegal foreigners living in American Samoa.

The group with the highest number who registered in the first two weeks is Samoan with 803, followed by Filipinos with 247, then Tongans with 123.

Other groups with less than 50 people registering are Chinese and Fijian.

There were seven people from Vietnam on the list.

Countries with only 1-3 people registering in the amnesty program include Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Solomon Islands, Taiwan, and Vanuatu.

The amnesty program moves to Manu'a next week.