11 Mar 2014

Niue govt investigates salary increases for specialist fields

4:29 pm on 11 March 2014

The Niue government is considering salary increases for certain positions in an effort to retain people in specialist fields.

The executive director for the transformation of the Public Service Justin Kamupala, says it's exploring the idea of developing a pay scale to address the issue.

He says there is a tendency for people in IT, medicine, and other technical fields to move into managerial positions within the government that pay better.

"And the concern is that we can't afford to lose these people from their particular fields of expertise so the government is exploring options especially in terms of the pay scales to whether or not it can make it more attractive for people to stay where they are."

Justin Kamupala says it would be up to the government to determine where the money would come from to support any increases.

He says the four-day working week introduced in late January, as an alternative to pay increases for government workers, is generally working well.