13 Mar 2014

PNG's sacked treasurer says he'll remain loyal to PM

6:52 am on 13 March 2014

Papua New Guinea's sacked Treasurer Don Polye says he remains committed to the Peter O'Neill led government because he and his party are an integral element of it.

Mr Polye and another cabinet minister from his Triumph Heritage and Empowerment Party were sacked by the Prime Minister this week.

The THE party isn the second largest party after Mr O'Neill's People's National Congress.

Mr Polye says that since he was instrumental in installing the O'Neill-led coalition, he has a key stake in seeing through the policies they have made together.

He says it would be immature and against the national interests for him to act abruptly or suddenly desert government.

"The facts will have to be put on the table. The Prime Minister is responsible and I'm also responsible for all the decisions we make. So the best thing to do is that there's enough time for us to correct any mistakes that we have made."

Don Polye.