13 Mar 2014

Solomons PM denies MPs enriching themselves with constituent funds

6:52 am on 13 March 2014

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister denies that MPs are enriching themslves through the administration of constituency development funds.

Transparency International Solomon islands and other civil society groups claim that the system for disbursal of these funds, as passed in parliament last year, is problematic in being at the discretion of MPs.

TI says the process leaves the government budget open to misuse.

But the Prime Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, says people have confused the issue.

"The resources aren't given to members of parliament. That is wrong. They've been given to constituency officers because of the problems that we have been having with the institutions of the government not being able to deliver efficiently, and there has been a lot of waste through government departments delivering to people in the rural areas."

Gordon Darcy Lilo says the system that his government is trying to implement channels resources more directly to people in the constituencies.