19 Mar 2014

Sport: Solomon Warriors hoping for progress

12:07 pm on 19 March 2014

A year after making their Oceania Champions League debut, the Solomon Warriors are hoping to show significant progress next month in Fiji.

The Warriors retained their national title a few weeks ago to be the final team to qualify for the 12 team tournament.

Team manager, Dr Kenton Sadem says they learnt a lot from their debut effort last season.

"OFC Champions League is a different level of football. The level of football in Solomon Islands I think given a few more years in the National Soccer League scene and if we can improve on the local club structures I think then we could get to a level where we could safely say that we could compete very strongly in the Champions League but what we have so far, in this current season, is we need a lot of work on some of the areas but in terms of technical skills wise we can match anyone but in terms of size we need a lot of work on that and a lot of strength as well."

The Warriors are in the same pool as Samoa's Kiwi FC, Waitakere United from New Zealand and AS Pirae from Tahiti.