19 Mar 2014

Health remains a priority for China's assistance to Vanuatu

2:50 pm on 19 March 2014

Eight doctors from China are due in northern Vanuatu by the beginning of next month as part of a health assistance programme going back to the 1980s.

It is the sixteenth team of doctors from China to work at the Northern District Hospital on Santo.

Port Vila Central Hospital will also get another batch of Chinese doctors in October.

The two teams which include surgeons, dentists, paediatricians and an acupuncturist, stay for two years and the latest contract will cost the Chinese government 2 million US dollars.

A first secretary with the Chinese Embassy in Port Vila, Yang Xuhong yahng shu hong, says helping with health in the country is the most important priority for China's co-operation with Vanuatu.

"It's a long term co-operation and the Chinese doctors that are working here (are) closely working together with the Vanuatu doctors and with doctors from other countries and they learn (from) each other and they co-operate, with close co-operation."

Yang Xuhong yahng shu hong of the Chinese Embassy in Port Vila.