21 Mar 2014

Victim of alleged police dog attack must come forward - PNG police

12:09 pm on 21 March 2014

Papua New Guinea's deputy police commissioner says police are unable to act on a video depicting a man being repeatedly attacked by a police dog squad until a complaint is made.

The video, which has not been verified, shows a man sitting on the ground surrounded by officers holding three leashed dogs lunging and attacking him.

But Simon Kauba says police haven't seen the video, despite it having been widely circulated on the country's social media forums.

Mr Kauba says the allegations of police brutality are concerning, but the victim needs to come forward before an investigation can be launched.

"If it did occur, then fair enough; we would conduct an internal investigation. We have an internal affairs division that can address this. So we just don't seem to have any reports from the people who are responsible for reporting it to the social media, they're not reporting to the police authority."

Mr Kauba says allegations of police brutality are concerning, but his hands are tied.