21 Mar 2014

Much larger military use for Tinian and Rota eyed

3:04 pm on 21 March 2014

In the Northern Marianas, the mayor of Tinian, Ramon Dela Cruz, says the United States is looking at a much larger military use for Tinian, that may also include Rota and Pagan.

Mr Dela Cruz's comment followed a meeting with visiting Marine Forces Pacific representatives yesterday(thurs).

The mayor says on Tinian there are talks of a US Marine Corps facility which will accommodate some 1,000 Marines.

He says if the US Air Force divert airfield is also placed on Tinian, which the CNMI has been pushing for, then Tinian will see much more activity than they had anticipated.

Marine Forces Pacific officials are in the Northern Marianas this week to continue consultation with local leaders and agencies, a follow up to the January briefings on the current status of the proposed expanded military training activities there.

Residents and officials have expressed opposition to the use of Pagan, especially, for military training ranges.

$29.3 million US dollars has seen set aside by the US government for the development of the divert airfield.