22 Mar 2014

Manus inquiry hears of several medical concerns

7:26 am on 22 March 2014

An Australian health specialist chosen to investigate conditions at the refugee detention centre on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island, has told an inquiry he has several concerns.

The facility is subject to an inquiry by the PNG National Court judge, David Cannings, who is investigating whether asylum seekers' basic human rights are being met.

Some asylum seekers have told the inquiry that medical care at the centre is lacking.

But Dr Paul Crouch-Chivers said that, overall, medical treatment on Manus is adequate, and better than most prisons in PNG.

But our correspondent, Todagia Kelola, says Dr Crouch-Chivers also highlighted several concerns, including overcrowding and poor toilet facilities.

"He was not happy with the toilets, the toilets were very bad. He said the accommodation that's provided has to be enlarged because there is overcrowding in all of the compounds. As for his recommendations, he says there needs to be comprehensive training for staff in catering the detainees. He also said attention should be given to the water supply."

Todagia Kelola.