25 Mar 2014

Solomons watchdog warns voters over 'corrupt practice'

2:50 pm on 25 March 2014

The anti-corruption group, Transparency Solomon Islands, is urging the public to refrain from selling their vote in the lead-up to the national election.

The Electoral Commission has already voiced concern that some candidates or current MPs may be paying citizens for their voter identification cards.

The Executive Officer of Transparency Solomon Islands, Daniel Fenua, says such measures are corrupt and must stop.

"We are calling on members of the public to stop that kind of practice and we are calling MPs and different candidates not to do that kind of practice and also at the same time, the Electoral Commission, the authority that looks after the process, should strongly send a message to the public not to engage in such practices."

Daniel Fenua say the new biometric registration system will stop people voting twice but can't stop other corrupt practices, such as vote buying.