26 Mar 2014

Moratorium on research in Vanuatu lifted

4:23 pm on 26 March 2014

The Vanuatu Cultural Centre has lifted its year-long moratorium on research in Vanuatu.

Its director, Marcellin Abong, says the ban allowed it to do a stock-take on all research done on the country by universities, research centres and other types of social research.

Mr Abong says it received 63 research reports from foreign researchers on issues relating to Vanuatu.

He says he presented the collection of that to the government.

"They're interested in social studies, social science studies, custom, the evolution of the traditional system in Vanuatu, education system, and also the social impact on RSE workers working in New Zealand after they return to their community. Other research of linguistic research, to political research."

Marcellin Abong says it is not the first time a moratorium has been imposed on research.

He says a previous 10-year moratorium was to ban foreign researchers to allow locals to take the lead.