27 Mar 2014

Opposition says Nauru government scared off bank

7:19 pm on 27 March 2014

The opposition in Nauru says a bank has been scared off from opening a branch on the island because

of the government's behaviour over the past few months.

Bendigo Bank had been in talks over several months to open a branch but the Australian owned bank has decided to abandon its plans due to "uncertainties".

The opposition MP Mathew Batsiua says they are not surprised after the government's controversial removal of top judicial officials and the hiking of journalists' visa application fees to prohibitive levels.

"Frankly we warned the government back in January when they sacked the resident magistrate without any warning that this type of conduct will scare off people, in particular we were referring to the Bendigo Bank. Now two months later, it has, and the government can't point fingers elsewhere because the blame is entirely on their shoulders."

Mathew Batsiua says the Finance Minister David Adeang, who is also the Minister of Justice, should be sacked because he's eroded the reputation of Nauru as a potential investment destination.