31 Mar 2014

New Samoa avocado deal likely

7:49 am on 31 March 2014

The Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa, or SROS, says it has secured a potential buyer for its avocado oil.

The SROS minister, Faa-moe-tauloa Dr Faale Tuma-alii, said in Parliament this week that a Memorandum of Understanding for the sale of the avocado technology has been "signed and sealed".

But he says he can't reveal details until the deal is finalised.

Faa-moe-tauloa also reported that two companies, one from New Zealand and the other from France, are interested in their gluten-free breadfruit flour.

He said SROS is on the verge of sealing agreements with either of those two companies.

Representatives from Samoa and American Samoa are also looking at a development plan for Samoa's breadfruit flour to be exported to the United States.

The minister says this will be an avenue to boost exports and generate sources of revenue for Samoa.