31 Mar 2014

CNMI reports foreign interest in Saipan casino

4:53 pm on 31 March 2014

The Northern Marianas government says a number of foreign businesses are lining up to invest on Saipan after it has become legal to set up a casino.

The Governor, Eloy Inos, says among possible investors looking at an exclusive casino license are groups from South Korea and Hong Kong, including the new owner of the Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino, Mega Stars Overseas Ltd.

The governor and lawmakers have met separately with Hong Kong investors in the past few months for a plan to invest close to US$3 billion in tourism-related businesses in the CNMI.

Mr Inos says the administration has not heard recently from an investor group from mainland China, which also earlier expressed interest in a casino operation on Saipan.

The governor says he also expects the two thousand guest rooms tied to the Saipan casino investment to be built in three years.