3 Apr 2014

Bainimarama above the law - Fiji Law Society

4:44 pm on 3 April 2014

The Fiji Law Society says not much can be done to hold Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama accountable for breaking his own decrees until a parliament is put in place post-election.

Rear Admiral Bainimarama has been accused of breaching the Political Parties Decree for campaigning and appointing candidates before his party has been registered.

The breach is punishable with prison.

The Law Society president, Dorsami Naidu, says the regime has given itself the power to be above the law, by interpreting the law in a way that suits it.

"It's very unfortunate when we are being told on the one hand that these decrees will be enforced, that we want a democratic election, it'll be transparent and open and accountable. But it seems not to be the case. It's a case of one rule for the citizens and others, and one rule for the regime."

Dorsami Naidu says when a parliament is formed, elected parliamentarians will be able to speak out and influence change.