4 Apr 2014

PNG to take Australia's refugees from Manus camp

4:26 pm on 4 April 2014

Papua New Guinea says it will now resettle all asylum seekers who Australia sends to PNG and who are found to be refugees.

The announcement comes only weeks after the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill said PNG would only resettle some of them.

He insisted other countries in the region should carry the same burden as PNG.

Although it's not known if any of those detained on Manus Island have been recognised as refugees, Australia's immigration minister, Scott Morrison, says the first refugees will be resettled in PNG in June.

Australia also says none of the asylum seekers it has sent to PNG or Nauru will be resettled in Australia.

Meanwhile, the Australian police have now agreed to help PNG police probe the February riot at the Manus camp where security personnel killed one asylum seeker and injured dozens more to quell a riot.

Last week, the Australian police had dropped plans to assist, triggering claims by refugee advocates of a cover-up.