7 Apr 2014

Quick relocation from Solomons' evacuation centres vital

8:21 am on 7 April 2014

Thousands of people remain in emergency shelters in Solomons Islands after the worst flooding in the country's history claimed 21 lives.

Save the Children's logistics and emergencies manager, Graham Kenna, says the most urgent need is to relocate those in the shelters, to avoid disease, particularly among the young.

He says there have already been outbreaks of diarrhoea and red eye.

"And of course within the next week or ten days will be the dengue fever. We've got problems keeping the children safe within these evacuation centres so we're particularly worried about that so what we really need to do is get moving on getting alternative shelter or accommodation for these people so we can get them out of there so then we know that the children are safe."

Graham Kenna says most people will be able to move in with relatives but they will need tarpaulins for shelter.