7 Apr 2014

American Samoa doctor encourages school closures over infections

1:57 pm on 7 April 2014

The American Samoa health department's medical director has commended the closing of schools in the territory to help contain the spread of pink eye.

All public schools are closed for three days until Wednesday this week after education officials reported nearly 2,300 students and 130 teachers are affected with the infection.

Dr Joseph Tufa, speaking on state run television, said students have to stay home and protect themselves from getting further infections and protect other students who are not infected.

He urged the public to practice good hygiene.

"We would like to also repeat to the public to make sure that you wash your hands and protect yourself from getting infected, or if you have the infection then try to avoid getting the infection to other people, and stay home from where people are crowding."

Dr Joseph Tufa.