9 Apr 2014

Outlying Solomons provinces almost impossible to reach - World Vision

8:23 am on 9 April 2014

An aid worker in flood-ravaged Solomon Islands says outlying villages in need of help are almost impossible to reach.

Twenty-three people are confirmed dead and more than 20 have been reported missing.

World Vision's Dwain Hindriksen says many of the roads on the main island of Guadalcanal are made of gravel or coral limestone, and the torrential rain has turned them into muddy swamps.

Mr Hindriksen says the flooding has had a devastating effect.

"The access in communities in Guadalcanal is a challenge there's bridge washouts, there's limited road access. The ending results of the flooding has been pretty catastrophic and the road can turn to a muddy swap, and so with after the sort of rain we have had here, vehicle access even by 4WD can be near on impossible."

Dwain Hindriksen says it is hoped the improved weather will dry out the roads.