9 Apr 2014

Papua kicks off Indonesia elections

1:15 pm on 9 April 2014

Polling stations in Papua have been the first to open in Indonesia's elections.

Voters choose a new 560-seat lower house as well as provincial and district legislatures.

However, bad weather and administrative problems in Papua have left more than 30 districts facing delays of up to three days.

A provincial election official in Papua, Betty Wanane, says the election body has not been given a large enough budget to deliver all the ballots and boxes, and that several deadlines for logistics have been missed.

Local media reported cases of legislative candidates making last-ditch attempts to buy votes with cooking oil, sugar and other handouts in a widespread but illegal practice.

Unofficial tallies carried out by private pollsters, known as quick counts, are released several hours after polls close and are normally accurate.

Official results are not expected until early May.