9 Apr 2014

Vanuatu Fire Act still in limbo

7:11 pm on 9 April 2014

The Chief Officer of the Vanuatu Fire Services says a draft for a Fire Act written three years ago is yet to receive response from higher authority.

Bomma Avia says the draft would help improve their service and include a funding provision for fuel.

Mr Avia says fire officers are now being forced to take portable pumps in their own vehicles to fight fires around Port Vila due to having no fuel in their fire trucks.

It's already been drafted, just a draft, and it's still going around...they have to finalise it to be able to put it into parliament but it's been a long time that the draft act sits there and nothing happens to it. For me, I don't really know where it is now and why it's there for so long. We couldn't do anything about it now.

Vanuatu's acting Minister of Internal Affairs Steven Kalsakau confirmed the draft had been recieved but could not make any further comment.