10 Apr 2014

Concerns in PNG over Govt's proposed cyber crime policy

4:52 am on 10 April 2014

A Papua New Guinea writer and blogger says a proposed cyber crime policy could go too far in policing activity on social media, and could be a move by the government to control social media.

Martyn Namorong, the author of the prominent blog, the Namorong report, says that while he supports the introduction of measures to control cyber crime like spam, hacking, and fraud, the reach into social media is concerning.

Mr Namorong says there is no mention of what kind of activity is unacceptable and suspects there could be a more sinister motive behind the policy.

"The state have absolute control over mainstream media, both broadcast and print, and social media is essentially Papua New Guineans telling each other what's really, really happening in this country so they want to have some control over that."

Martyn Namorong.

The PNG government says there is no intention to bar people from expressing their opinions, and if someone's activity were to be monitored or gathered, the authorities would have to present a thorough case to internet providers.