11 Apr 2014

American Samoa must capitalise on its size - business owner

11:18 am on 11 April 2014

A local businesswoman who attended a major tourism show in Samoa says the territory must develop its own marketing strategy which suits its size and limited resources.

Tisa Faamuli of Tisa's Barefoot bar was one of 11 representatives from the territory who participated in the Samoa Tourism Exchange.

There were over 50 tour wholesalers and media representatives from New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, German, Switzerland, Holland and China at the exchange.

And hotels, and tour operators in Samoa and American Samoa got the opportunity to make themselves known and market their accommodations and services.

Tisa Faamuli says after seeing what was on display in Samoa, she feels that American Samoa can capitalise on its smallness, safe environment and national park.

"We offer ourselves our land first, and then work together with that, you know environment, tour of the land and keep American Samoa beautiful because we don't want to market ourselves like that, we don't have that much, it's a small little island or small group of islands that are extremely special in the history of Samoa."

Tisa Faamuli of Tisa's Barefoot in American Samoa.