14 Apr 2014

Death penalty policies being drawn up in PNG

8:01 pm on 14 April 2014

Policy-makers in Papua New Guinea are drawing up a framework on how the death penalty might work there.

The justice minister, Kerenga Kua, says once the policy is written up, members of government will debate the details.

He says the government will have the final say on which execution method will be used - lethal injection, firing squad, deprivation of oxygen, hanging, or electrocution.

Mr Kua says the government will choose which method is used by what the public wants, resources availiable and the need to use the most humane method that preserves human dignity.

"We will drive a message that this nation is very serious. It is up to its neck, fed up with violent, gruesome crimes already and is prepared to stand up for itself and the majority of the law abiding citizens. I'm definitely certain that a lot of would-be criminals would be deterred by it."

Kerenga Kua says there are 14 prisoners on death row, all of whom have exhausted their avenues of appeal.